Miko's Adventures (update 1.2.1)

I have noticed some Issues and bugs when testing the game today so I decided to fix them in a small update (Lots of important small fixes). 

Miko’s Adventures update (1.2.1) notes:-

- Fixed an issue with the blue flying monsters in (level 3 – level 4) where they get stuck on walls.

- Fixed an issue in (level 7) where the final door is open when you start the level (it shouldn’t be open in the start).

- Moved some checkpoints to more suitable positions in (level 7)

- Fixed a lot of minor issues in (level 7)

- Fixed an issue where a sign shows the text behind other objects in the background, also fixed another sign shows the wrong text (Level 6)

- Fixed an issue in (level 5) where the red door appears in front of a hidden wall.

- Made small changes to some objects in the background.

- Moved some platforms in (level 1) to more suitable positions.

- More optimization to the game performance.

- Other small fixes.

Thank you so much for your amazing support so far :)



Miko's Adventures (1.2.1) setup-windows.exe 67 MB
Feb 10, 2019
Miko's Adventures (1.2.1) setup-linux.AppImage 83 MB
Feb 10, 2019
Miko's Adventures (1.2.1) setup-macos.zip 79 MB
Feb 10, 2019

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