​Miko's Adventures (Update 1.1.0) notes

You can play Miko's Adventures Update 1.1.0 (Free) : https://coriandergames.itch.io/mikos-adventures

Trailer :  

Miko's Adventures (Update 1.1.0) notes :-

- Fixed an issue where Miko would re-spawn at the beginning of the level in a wrong position .

- Fixed a bug where Miko would get stuck in a wall .

- Fixed a bug where crystals collected would not get you any medals .

- Fixed a small bug where some enemies would go through floors / walls .

- Fixed a bug where Miko would die repeatedly when re-spawned at the checkoint in level 6

- Fixed an issue where Bunnies would not get hurt if they where in collision with a certain enemy .

- Added a new checkpoint in level 5 and 6 .

- Added more instructions / tutorials in levels  .

- Added some changes in the background .

How to install update :-

- Uninstall the game you have .

- Download the game again and install and everything will be ready .

Have fun !


Miko's Adventures setup.exe (1.1.0 new update) 67 MB
Feb 04, 2019

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